Internet of Things

How it Works

The Internet of Things is a network of internet-connected objects able to collect and exchange data. It is commonly abbreviated to IoT. To put it simply, we have "devices" that sense and collect data and send the data to the Internet over a dedicated Internet of Things network. 

When ZiggyTec was researching the best way to automate live utility meter readings, we investigated many technologies including GSM (mobile phone) technology. It became clear, very quickly, that IoT is an incredible technology that is ideal for live utility measurement which is more cost-effective and quicker to implement than other technologies. 

Benefits of IoT Technology

Long Battery Life

IoT battery operated utility readers have a battery life of approx 7 years. Being battery operated, means that we do not need electricians to install the readers, keeping costs down, this also means that you do not need to power down the building for an installation

Coverage From Anywhere

IoT devices use their own network so you do not have to rely on GSM (mobile phone) signals deep in basements. Sigfox claim to have 96% population coverage in Ireland and UK for IoT devices. So IoT devices transmit over their IoT network which is of great benefit. 

 No IT Security Risks​

IoT devices use their own network, meaning that no IT departments are involved with connecting into Wifi or the Local Area Network (LAN), eliminating all IT security risks. 

Quick Set-Up Time​

Installation of IoT utility readers only takes a few hours and the data is live on the Ziggy Platform immediately.

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