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Utility Monitoring System

Reduce Costs & Achieve Sustainability Targets

We Monitor All of Your Business Utilities







Start Monitoring Data Within a Few Hours

Getting your new Utility Monitoring System set up is easy and only takes four simple steps before you can start monitoring your data

Step 1

We install our smart sensors & connect them to your utility meters -You don't have to power down your building

Step 2

We connect the sensors to our comms network - No WiFi needed 

Step 3

Data is made digital & stored in the cloud - Accessible 24/7

Step 4

Analyse your data on the ZiggyTec Live Platform or through the Gateway (API)

We are changing how commercial property owners and managers monitor utility usage


ZiggyTec Internet of Things (IoT) Technology measures all utilities in a building. We lend clients the IoT kit and we look after all communications. Our blue chip clients want Accurate, Reliable and Consistent data from the building and they want this data displayed either in the ZiggyTec platform or accessed through an API (Gateway).


By receiving accurate and reliable data, property owners or propery managers have a comprehensive understanding of where and when their energy is being used.


Our technology eliminates time-consuming manual meter readings - reducing unnecessary errors and costs associated with energy management.  ​

We simplify the process and make it more efficient and less time consuming while delivering a consistent flow of data that you can use for ESG Benchmarking. All at the fraction of the cost of traditional solutions

Start Taking Control of Your Utility Monitoring

  • Automated Meter Readings: Accurate and reliable meter readings every 30 minutes.

  • ESG Reporting Made Easy: With our live platform, it's easy to analyse data and use this data for sustainability reporting.

  • We provide everything you need: We provide the smart meter reading devices, the communication network and the live analytics platform.

  • Fully Remote Live Data: We don't need WiFi or an Internet connection, we use an IoT network to access data everywhere and anywhere.

  • The cost-effective solution: Thanks to IoT technology, we can make your energy management system much more efficient at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

Take Control of Your Utilities 

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