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Safety Equipment Monitoring

We are dedicated to finding low cost solutions to protect your safety equipment. Through the use of our IoT devices we can provide real-time monitoring of the presence of health and safety devices within their housing.  

Start Monitoring Your Safety Equipment

Ring Buoys are essential for every beach. They offer a sense of security and they save hundreds of lives across the world every year. Our technology lets you easily monitor ring buoys and whether they need to be replaced or not

Defibrillators are often located in the centre of towns and cities across Ireland. They are vulnerable to  anti-social behavior, theft and damage. Our technology offers another layer of protection, making it easier to locate and be notified if anything goes wrong


Live Alert System:  Receive live alerts when equipment is damaged or missing

Live Data 24/7: Remotely monitor your equipment anytime on our live platform

Reduce number of Inspection Visits: Reduce your carbon foorprint and lengthy trips to each location

Full Accountability & Traceability Reporting: helps you to stay organised and offers easier accountability and traceability reporting

Monitor Multiple Locations: Monitor multiple locations in one place with our live platform. Helping you to reduce costs, time and CO2 emissions.

Our online portal can be easily accessed on your PC or Mobile Phone via a web browser and is extremely easy to use. ​

A green light indicates that your safety equipment is intact and within it's housing.​

A red light would indicate that your safety equipment has been used and needs replacing.​

Detailed activity reports available to download.

Our Online Portal Makes Monitoring Easy




United Kingdom

Since 1916 the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has been working to prevent serious accidents all over the UK. They have decided to work with ZIggyTec to make their beaches safer. 

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Fingal County Council

Dublin, Ireland

Fingal Co.Council has a problem with people borrowing life buoys, it was difficult to know if a life buoy was stolen or not. Thanks to ZIggyTec, they can now check their life buoy status 24/7.

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UK Office

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