Personal Protective Equipment

There is a real surge in demand for Personal Protective Equipment due to the Coronavirus (Covid 19) all over the globe. With cases rising by the day and the fact that it's not going to disappear quickly has made life very tough for everyone. Finding the right PPE supplies has become extremely difficult but due to our connections with Chinese suppliers, ZiggyTec are in a position to source high quality certified Respirator Masks and Surgical Masks.  

Choosing between a Respirator or Mask

There are many types of masks available but only a few are suitable for Covid 19. Pre Covid 19, the really good masks filtered the air coming in, but did nothing about what you exhaled.   With Covid 19 you need to filter the air both ways in order to reduce the risk of being infected by the virus and also reduce the risk of infecting someone else when you breath out (or cough / sneeze etc). 

So for Covid 19 there are two options.  

First there is the Surgical Mask Produced as per the European standard EN 14683.

It is designed to prevent the wearer from spreading the virus in droplets exhaled by them and to protect the wearer from inhaling droplets produced by a person close to them. 

Secondly there is the FFP2 Respirator Mask   (“Filtering Face piece Particles - Level 2”) . Developed as per European standard EN 149.  


Similar to the surgical mask they protect against the wearer spreading the virus in droplets exhaled by them and protect against the wearer inhaling droplets produced by a person close to them. 

But in addition they are designed to seal to the wearer’s face, without allowing air leaks to pass through gaps between the respirator and the wearer’s skin.  For this reason they offer additional protection against aerosols (tiny droplets that float in the air).


Surgical Masks

Material.    3 layers consist of 

                  1st layer 25g/㎡ spunbond . 

                  2nd layer 25g/㎡ meltblown. 
                  3rd layer 25g/㎡ 

Feature.     99% BFE/PFE. Adjustable                         nose piece. 

Size.           W17.5cm x H9.5cm

Package.    50pcs/per box. 

FFP2 Respirator Mask

Material.     4 layers consist of SMSS                                   material.                                     Outer layer made by spunbond.
                   2nd layer is meltblown f
                   3rd layer is hot cotton.
nner layer is spunbond

Feature.     3D framework. Adjustable                           nose clip
Size.           W15.5cm x H10cm

Package.    50pcs/per box.

Certificates of ComplianceS AVAILABLE 

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