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The Crucial Importance of Big Data for Improving Energy Efficiency In Commercial Buildings

Big Data is having a significant effect on energy efficiency in commercial buildings. Here's some information about big data, including how the information can provide serious benefits to your business across several categories, including your building's energy efficiency and sustainability.

Just What Does "Big Data" Mean?

The term "Big Data" simply refers to a large set of information that is beyond the ability to understand, process or make use of without the aid of modern methods that go beyond what was done for this traditionally. As a general concept, Big Data has been around for a while, but it gained its current purchase in the minds of the world early on in the 2000s.

One of the leading experts on this, Doug Laney, referred to the concept of big data with the "three v's." These include Volume, Velocity, and Variety. This means that big data includes a large amount of sheer raw data, such as what is coming in from any traditional source like an energy or water metering device.

Big Data

There's also the idea of velocity or the speed in which data is coming in now, which is also an aspect of big data. In other words, many measuring devices can be live and send you data about anything you want down to the second, including energy use, for example.

The last aspect that describes big data is variety, which simply means that there are many different kinds of information in a big data set. This could include how much energy is used in a building throughout every part of the building, through multiple devices, and so on.

What Kinds of Business Insights Can Big Data Produce About Your Business?

Big Data can produce a wide variety of potential insights to your business, including about what sorts of costs you're currently incurring through the energy use of your building, for example. With the right sort of source to get the information you need, you can find out exactly how much energy you're using in your building for example, which will give you more accurate billing from your energy provider, for instance.

Big Data monitoring devices can also give you alerts when your resource expenditure gets past certain thresholds. Devices from the Internet of Things can gather all sorts of information that could pertain to commercial buildings such as temperature in specific areas, humidity, levels of Co2, weather sensors and many others behind. The Internet of Things refers to devices that can connect to some kind of network and then transfer Big Data to the cloud where it can be accessed by the owners.

By putting all of this data together, you can receive insights on ways to reduce energy cost, on how to reduce things like your carbon footprint, and more besides.

Why Is This Data Important to Your Business?

This kind of data is critical to the running of your business because it's a competitive world out there. If you can reduce energy costs to your business as much as possible, you could get an edge on all your competitors and help to increase your profit margin.

It's also important to your business if you're trying to stay sustainable since having your resource needs sit too high is going to be a problem in the long run given the effects of climate change.

If you have a plan for sustainability over the long run, the data is going to be crucial for you to have any chance of hitting those marks. This is due to the fact that the data will help you both to know exactly what you're spending on resources for the building and potential ways to deliver those resources more efficiently, such as when you're using lights, heat, or other devices and resources when you may not need to do so.

How Will Big Data Drive Energy Efficiency and Sustainability?

Big Data is going to be crucial in driving energy efficiency and sustainability since it's already starting to offer insights, unlike anything that has come before, boosted by the age of the Internet of Things, where items of all variety can now transmit data from anywhere into the cloud where it can be monitored.

Business Sustainability

Those who get in on the trend as quickly as possible will benefit the most from the trend, both in terms of immediate benefits in the form of energy savings and in the form of public relations and preparation for the potential changes to the environment that are still to come.

Many other businesses will all be doing the same thing with their commercial buildings, using big data and devices from the Internet of Things to reduce their costs and boost their sustainability and energy efficiency. As a result, any business that does not get on board with this megatrend is at severe risk of being left behind in more ways than one.

The data is pouring on through many different varieties at a considerable velocity, in other words. This data and the analysis that goes with it will drive sustainability efforts across the entire world.

Taking Advantage of Big Data Sustainability Trends for Your Bottom Line

In the end, getting a reliable source of big data for your business is going to be a critical way to make sure you are maximizing your efficiency going forward. Even beyond boosting the public image of your business or helping to save the environment in general, your business, like all business is going to have to find a way to enter into a sustainable future and one that is energy efficient enough to maintain a profit regardless of what kind of environment unfolds in the future.

Finding reliable, accurate, and live smart meters for your building to gather this relevant big data is often going to be the only way you can get ahead in the long run. It's not just going to be helpful; it's going to be indispensable to keep up with the future that's fast approaching the whole world.

A Better Way

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