• Kieran Murphy

SmartBuoy Will Help Keep Dublin's Waterways Safe

ZiggyTec's IoT-enabled fix connects lifesaving aids to the Cloud

If you've walked alongside Dublin's waterways, you'll have seen some of the hundreds of ringbuoys maintained by our City Council. At least, we hope you did! The truth is that, despite the best efforts of Council staff, it's not uncommon to find that one of these vital lifesaving aids has been put out of action.

As many as 15 Dublin ringbuoys are lost or stolen every week, and that's a major headache for the Council and the emergency services. It's also a worry for Kieran Murphy, one of ZiggyTec's co-founders... and a veteran lifeguard.

Kieran put his head together with our engineers to come up with a solution which they called SmartBuoy. Now, at the end of a lengthy tender process, we're delighted to announce that SmartBuoy has become one of only four systems selected for the first phase of the Smart Dublin Ring Buoy Monitoring project.

SmartBuoy is built on the same IoT (Internet of Things) technology which we use for monitoring utilities and air quality inside buildings. To install it, we fix a small, battery-powerered transmitter inside the ringbuoy housing, and attach it to the ringbuoy with a plastic toggle. As soon as someone removes the ringbuoy from its mount, the SmartBuoy unit triggers and starts broadcasting. Alerts are then relayed from ZiggyTec's network to first responder teams and to the relevant council departments.

We're hoping that the DCC contract will lead to SmartBuoy deployments nationwide and hundreds of lives saved... besides acting as a deterrent to antisocial behaviours involving these humble-but-important safety devices. Contact us to learn more.

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