• Kieran Murphy

Introducing ResiFresh and ClassFresh

Standalone air quality monitors for classrooms and

nursing homes

ZiggyTec has announced the launch of the ResiFresh and ClassFresh air

quality monitors.

ResiFresh and ClassFresh are our response to concerns about social

distancing in the shared spaces of schools and nursing homes.

By enabling simple, proactive air quality monitoring, they help your

team strike the right balance between safety and comfort.

Normally, the devices display a reassuring green screen. But when

exhalate levels start to climb, they flash up discreet alerts warning

colleagues to open windows and increase ventilation.

Although ResiFresh and ClassFresh are based on the monitoring systems

that power our property technology offer, they can function as

standalones. No buildings management system is needed.

ClassFresh and ResiFresh are available via the ZiggyTec website

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