• Kieran Murphy

Deloitte Survey Highlights Role Of Proptech In CRE Sector

IoT takeup looks encouraging; HR picture less so

The latest iteration of Deloitte's annual outlook survey of 200 commercial real estate (CRE) businesses highlights the significance of property technology in the sector's emergence from the shadow of COVID19... and reveals a corresponding skills shortfall that will give HR departments pause for thought.

The bad news is that 56 per cent of respondents agreed that the pandemic had 'exposed shortcomings' in their digital capabilities, and fewer than one-half considered 'digital tenant experience' a core competency of their organization. More encouragingly, three-fifths of the companies surveyed confirmed that they were capturing Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data. Sharing property data with tenants is emerging as an effective strategy for CRE companies to build trust and increase end-user engagement.

Read the survey here.

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