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Liffey Trust Building             102 Keslake Road

1 North Wall Ave                  London NW6 6DG

Dublin D01 YX93                  UK



IRL Tel: +353 (0) 14433147     

UK Tel: +44 (0) 2032399301


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Who we help

ZiggyTec helps bring your commercial buildings to life. Our smart meters and online reporting dashboard helps companies, property owners and managers, consultants, and more to reduce their carbon footprint and resolve their energy use challenges.

Property Owners

Accurate and detailed GRESB, LEEDS, WELL and BREEAM reporting.

Insurance Companies

Accurate and efficient GRESB, LEEDS, WELL and BREEAM reporting.


Quantify cost reduction measures.


A cost-effective way to measure utility data LIVE.

Property Managers

Easy online, independent bill validation.

Industry Consultants

Create accountability for your Utility bills with LIVE and accurate data

Utilities Companies

Help benchmark various operations.


Ensure accurate and timely utility data.