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Getting the Balance Right between Good Ventilation and keeping Residents and Carers warm through the winter months

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring for Residential Homes

Staying safe & warm through the COVID19 pandemic is paramount to everyone and keeping residential homes as safe as possible is key. To ensure good ventilation it's tempting to keep the windows open all the time, but a cold, draughty rooms may have negative impacts on carers and residents and can lead to other kinds of health problems.

CovidControl monitor offers a balanced solution

ZiggyTec's CovidControl air quality monitor is a stand-alone battery-operated unit that is simply placed on the classroom wall. We situate a small tablet display on the wall in an area easily-accessible to carers.


CovidControl monitors CO2 levels in residential homes and indicates to carers using a simple traffic light system whether or not a window needs to be opened to ventilate the room.


Data is also recorded on the CovidControl Cloud Platform which provides valuable data for identifying trends, troubleshooting and verifying solutions, as seen below.

A smart tablet can be mounted on the wall of each room with a traffic light display which advises staff when to open or close the windows:

You definitely should open a window and allow the fresh air in to circulate

You can close some windows if you wish as ventilation is currently good

CO2 levels are rising in the room you should open some windows 

Click here to download the HSE's Guidance on building ventilation during COVID-19

Management can access ZiggyTec's CovidControl Portal which displays historic data

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