Measure your utility data live

Ziggytec provides wireless, cost-effective and cloud-based devices that accurately measure your utility data and ensures accountability for your utility bills.

How it works

 ZiggyTec’s Data as a Service (DaaS) platform, allows property owners, landlords, facility management companies and more to obtain live meter readings so that they can store and analyse electricity, gas, water and heat usage along with various other key data points such as temperature, humidity and CO2 levels using Internet of Things (IoT) technology at a guaranteed unmatched monthly fee of €13.70 per device.


  • Simple and very cost-effective per device per month charge with no installation fee.

  • Highly accurate data readings that eliminate the risk of human error when reading meters.

  • Live data readings that enable real-time responses to over-usage.


  • ZiggyTec cloud-based software portal for you to view and analyse your building performance accessed through a simple web browser.

  • Devices operate independent of the building's IT infrastructure and are powered by ultra long-life batteries so minimal dependency on local services.


Companies are putting great emphasis on cutting carbon emissions and becoming more eco-friendly. We provide the platform to help track their progress

In order for us to track your companies carbon footprint accurately, we would need to place IoT-enabled devices on your current electricity and gas meters.


IoT-enabled live data readers and access to our Ziggytec sustainability platform would cost €13.70 per meter per month.


You do not pay any installation charges.

You do not pay any maintenance fees.

The small monthly investment gives you ongoing access to live, accurate carbon footprint data that is fed through every 30 minutes to the Ziggytec sustainability platform. 

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