Monitor Air Quality in Your Workplace

ZiggyTec offers a highly cost-effective solution for monitoring temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in your office space to ensure optimal conditions for employees. Our Internet of Things (IoT) sensors are easily installed, highly accurate and battery operated (battery life of 7 years).


ZiggyTec charges a flat fee of £15/€15 per measuring point per month (temp, humidity and CO2 counts as 1 measuring point) and this includes all data gathering, communications, and cloud platform licenses. There are no hidden fees or installation fees, and no network operator costs.

How it works

ZiggyTec’s platform provides business operators with channels of live data showcasing CO2, temperature, and humidity levels within their offices.

These readings are generated from our IoT devices that are simply placed within their work space and transmit live data readings and alerts straight to your computer or mobile device. 


  • Low-cost air quality monitoring for your building.

  • There are no installation charges or maintenance fees.​

  • Highly accurate readings.  

  • Live data readings which enables real time responses to alert levels. 

  • Cloud based software portal for you to view and analyse your buildings air quality which is accessed through a simple web browser.

  • Devices operate independent of the buildings IT infrastructure and are powered by ultra long life batteries ( 5 years) so minimal dependency on local services. 


Companies are putting great emphasis on improving employee performance in the workplace and ZiggyTec provides a platform with essential data such as the CO2, temperature and humidity levels of your workplace.

ZiggyTec is revolutionary as our cost is an unbelievable €/£15 per reader per month. There are no upfront fees and no hidden charges. This includes full installation, ongoing communications, and maintenance costs. The contract term is 24 months.

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