Return to Work Protocol and Indoor Air Quality

Proper ventilation in a building is a key component of this protocol.


How do you ensure proper ventilation – You measure it!*

And the way to measure proper ventilation is by measuring the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in your office environment. 

Outside, in the fresh air, the level of CO2 is approximately 400ppm (parts per million).  People breathe in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide (CO2), so in indoor occupied spaces, the level of CO2 will naturally rise. 

However, with good ventilation, the level of CO2 should be less than 1,000ppm. If the readings go higher than 1000ppm then there could be an issue with the ventilation in your premises.

Our highly cost-effective air quality monitoring system tracks 3 key factors in the workplace:

  • Temperature 

  • Humidity

  • CO2 levels

View LIVE and Historical Data on Our Platform 

We charge a simple once-off commissioning fee of €200 per monitor and then €7 monitoring fee per point per month.

No hidden charges and includes full ongoing maintenance, communication and unlimited online access


  • Highly accurate CO2, temperature and humidity readings for every workspace

  • Real-time data recorded every 30 mins

  • Alerts to identify hotspots in a building

  • A digital record to prove compliance with proper ventilation securely stored on the ZiggyTec Cloud platform

  • Our ZiggyTec Platform allows you to easily access and analyse your building performance

  • We don't need to access your WiFi or IT infrastructure as we use our own independent IoT network

  • IoT devices are battery-powered (lasts 5 years) and are so straight forward to install

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How Many Units Do I Need in my Building?

Any room with a door i.e. meetings room, toilets will require a monitoring unit.

In an open office 2 units per 100m2, and installation should not in direct exposure of ventilation.


Installation height preferably around 1.5m (same as we inhale when sitting).

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