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Our technology measures commerical properties' utilites and provides that data: 

Accurately - Reliably - Consistently

for benchmarking sustainability improvements

Global companies using our technology

We have built a reputation as the data delivery company

Our technology delivers:

 ACCURATE, RELIABLE and CONSISTENT DATA  from commercial utility meters to the cloud for a simple monthly fee*

*no installation fees, no maintenance fees, no hidden costs whatsoever 

We are the trusted DATA PARTNER for Property Managers and Asset Owners who are seeking to BENCHMARK SUSTAINABILITY improvements. 





Have accurate meter readings and data to support your Sustainability action plan.


Real time data & alerts


Have accurate meter readings and data to support your Sustainability action plan.


Live Carbon 


Understand your building's carbon footprint with live, accurate data.

Tenant Meter Readings

Easily monitor your tenants meter readings and identify any issues they may have


We transform your existing electricity, gas and water meters into cloud-connected devices using the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

This highly accurate and reliable data is seamlessly communicate with the ZiggyTec software platform.You can access this data in one of three ways. 

1. Through the ZiggyTec Platform 

2. Through an API Call (ZiggyTec Gateway) to your 3rd party software

3. Through traditional EXCEL reports


  • We don’t need to connect to your WiFi or phone connection.

  • We do not need to power down the building.

  • Installation is within hours. There are no installation fees or ongoing service charges.

  • You simply pay a monthly monitoring fee per meter. 


"We found ZiggyTec while researching firms able to provide a utility data acquisition solution for our European Property Portfolio. ZiggyTec's solution was innovative using the latest IoT technology.

We tested our first building in Dublin and found ZiggyTec's data to be highly accurate, reliable, consistent and highly cost effective. This was key. 

The platform they developed is intuitive, simple and most importantly, the Ziggy team have listened to our needs and are commited to incorporating these needs into future versions of the platform.

This simple and accessible "portal into incremental energy data per asset" will assist Pan-European technical teams and tenants to both determine and quantify energy efficiency improvement opportunities"

Steve Murphy / Technical Director / Heins Real Estate EMEA

How it works

We can help you measure 






Sustainability Managers & Property Managers 

just love their simple, intuitive & live dashboards 

Every day, business managers rely on us to take care of them - and their data.

Get started today and we'll show you the benefits we can bring to your business.