• alerts

    ZiggyAir algorithms continuously monitors your air quality and classify the result as being good, moderate or poor. These alerts are then sent to your mobile devices, kiosks or display monitors.

  • Humidity

    Excessive dampness or moisture in buildings is responsible for a range of problems including mould, dust mites and bacteria; and exposure to damp environments is associated with respiratory problems including asthma attacks. Very low humidity is linked to the spread of viruses.

  • Temperature

    Optimum temperature levels in an office environment should be in the range 20C to 22C. Anything over can result in mental fatigue causing diminished reaction times and delayed information processing.

  • Ventilation

    Ensuring that the air in the building is continuously replaced with fresh clean air is crucial to diluting virus loads (including COVID19) in the air. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentration is a very accurate measurement of how much fresh air there is in a building.

  • gases

    Gas pollution or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) as it is more commonly known are poisonous gaseous chemicals emitted from certain solids and liquids with common sources being paints and coatings, building materials, cleaning supplies, glue used in furniture manufacture as well as various office equipment.

  • dust

    Fine dust pollution or Particulate Matter (PM) as it is more commonly referred to, is air-suspended mixture of both solid and liquid particles and is listed as ‘criteria pollutants’ by the World Health Organisation. These particles include dust, diesel exhaust, pollen and mould spores.

for commercial buildings

Commit to health and safety

ZiggyTec's Smart indoor air quality sensors and monitoring platform helps you monitor your buildings air quality and send alerts when your air quality reaches unsafe levels. Employee wellness is essential now more than ever to ensure a happy, healthy and productive workplace for tenants, employees and students.

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for Hospitality

Give Your Valued Guests Reassurance

ZiggyTec's real time indoor Air Quality monitoring solution gives your guests peace of mind that the air in your hotel, restaurant, bar or your social gathering event is being monitored continuously. Show your guests that your take their happiness and wellbeing very seriously.

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for Education

Our students health, wellbeing and productivity is key

Measuring Indoor Air Quality for Students has many benefits in the classroom. ZiggyTec has developed a dedicated solution called ClassFresh. Making sure that a classroom is ventilated properly will ensure the health and wellbeing of all students whilst maximising their productivity levels.

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for healthcare

protecting your surgery or hospital is vital

Creating a sterile environment in doctors or dentists surgeries, hospital rooms, or other healthcare environments ensures the highest level of safety and comfort for patients and staff.

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for nursing and care homes

best care for our vulnerable and elderly

ZiggyTec's ResiFresh solution is a real time indoor air quality monitoring system for Nursing Homes and Care Homes. By monitoring indoor air quality, we can identify pollutants that are known to place millions of residents in care homes at risk of COPD, Cardiovascular disease, stroke as well as monitoring ventilation in order to reduce the spread of Corona and other similar viruses.

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"We tested our first building in Dublin and found ZiggyTec's data to be highly accurate, reliable, consistent and highly cost effective. This was key. The platform they developed is intuitive, simple and most importantly, the Ziggy team have listened to our needs and are commited to incorporating these needs into future versions of the platform.

Steve Murphy, Technical Director, Hines EMEA


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how does it work?

global IoT network

  • Ziggytec Indoor Air Quality Monitor ZiggyAir
    Ziggytec Indoor Air Quality Monitor cloud
    ZiggyTec Indoor Air Quality Monitor ZiggyPortal
  • ZiggyTec Indoor Air Quality Monitor


    ZiggyAir utilizes smart sensor technology to continuously capture data processed locally and then pushed to the cloud via a secure & reliable connection.

  • ZiggyTec Indoor Air Quality Monitor


    The cloud is the mastermind of the whole operation. The hub enables monitoring of all the devices on the field and manages all the connections.

  • ZiggyTec Indoor Air Quality Monitor


    Providing tools for access to data for professionals and everyone else via the portal.



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